Warm up cord

150x150-13THE WARM UP CORD  was developed for athletes as the ultimate tool to strengthen and loosen the muscles associated with throwing. By providing resistance to both upper arm and forearm, the Warm-Up Cord helps athletes:
  1. Reduce warm-up time
  2. Reinforce correct mechanics
  3. Strengthens critical throwing muscles
  4. Year-round training solution
  5. Comes in Varsity and Pro resistance levels
This cord has been developed for athletes of all ages from little leaguers to the pros. There’s no reason every athlete who throws, hits or serves a ball shouldn’t have a Warm-Up cord in their bag! The cord can be attached to a cord station or even to a chain-link fence to help groups of throwers get ready to practice or compete.

Warm-Up Cord is designed to train an entire team’s throwing and is suitable for every field position throwing a ball. Whether it’s baseball, softball, football, water polo, volleyball, golf, or tennis, the Warm-Up Cord proves to improve your throwing ability.


A majority of baseball injuries occur during the deceleration phase of a throw. After the ball is released arm deceleration forces are estimated to be twice that of acceleration forces while acting over a period of time that is twice as long.

Conditioning of the decelerator muscles – Teres Minor (rotator cuff), Infraspinatus (rotator cuff) and the Posterior head of the deltoid should help reduce the likelihood of injuries of these muscles.

Athletic Republic’s Warm-Up Cord is designed to train the accelerator and decelerator muscles used in throwing and are suitable for every field position or any sport such as baseball, softball, football, water polo, volleyball and tennis, which involve a throwing motion.

For additional information on team training using the Warm-Up Cord, us the contact form or email GGastelum@gitrightspf.com