I have been training with Greg of Git Right on and off for over a year, and now at Git Right sports performance & fitness. The amount of positivity, nutritional knowledge, and support combined with an awesome training facility is results guaranteed as long as you follow the plan that they put together for you.

April S.

I have been training with candyce for 6 weeks now! I am beyond impressed at how my fitness performance has improved, she has the knowledge to know how far you can push yourself, and helps you achieve your goals, i haven't felt better about my self in a long time! I can feel My body changing, muscles that weren't there before growing, and feeling so healthy and happy with my body. She understands, she listens, and she supports you in everything. The only thing you need is will power and motivation, Read more [...]

Erika B.

Greg and James are great guys and even better trainers. The facility is full of new equipment just waiting to be put to use to help get you the results you are going after. They will put together and customize a workout program for you based on your specific needs. Whether you're an athlete or just someone trying to get into better shape these guys take their jobs very seriously and will do everything in their power to help you get your results. If you're looking for a new place to workout and are Read more [...]

Jordan P.