Why would I go to the ground if I’m attacked?!

Why would I go to the ground if I’m attacked?!

One of the biggest misconceptions about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is that it’s a “ground fighting art”. In actuality, BJJ is a leverage, timing, distance management, technique, and skilled based art designed for a person to overcome a much larger, stronger, more aggressive attacker in a real life self defense situation.

The fact of the matter is that someone who is skilled in BJJ can EASILY take out an attacker with or without painful force without ever having to go to the ground.

Originally BJJ was designed as an entire and complete fighting system that has grappling, takedowns, punches, strikes, kicks, weapon defenses, and much more.

At Git Right SPF and Git Right MMA in Whittier, CA. we offer traditional self defense based Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes that teach a proponent how to utilize skill instead of strength to overcome their adversary.

So why would you go to the ground if you’re attacked in a street fight?

A. You don’t have to if you don’t want to (as there are plenty of standing techniques), but you place a MUCH higher risk. Think about it: If you can strike them, they can get a lucky shot, strike you, and then all your punching and kicking don’t mean squat.

B. Because by moving the fight to the ground you can STOP everything! You can be in 100% complete control over another person and you can CHOOSE what you want to do to them! Do you want to punch them? Elbow them? Poke them in the eyes? Brutalize them? You certainly can, as you’re going to be the dominant one. However I recommend simply defeating an opponent by letting them wear themselves down, and then you can simply talk to them, or if you feel it necessary then place them in a submission hold or even choke them unconscious and wait for the police.

Again though, if I stay standing and trade strikes and kicks with you, I may indeed be more skilled and have a great chance, but it will always be a “chance” as there’s always someone bigger, stronger, more aggressive, or even just more drugged up than you. You can knee them in the groin all you want and they will assuredly feel it the next day, but in the mean time, you’re wasting your energy, sending them from angry to furious, and highly increasing the danger of the situation.

So I leave it to you to choose what’s the wisest choice in a situation like this.