Is A Big Booty Good For My Health?

For years the media has supported thin, slender, long and lean female bodies in their shows. Various companies advertise with these pencil thin models that show what the ideal woman's body is supposed to look like. Is it really supposed to be that thin? Over the last few years more curves have come to be main stream. Today, we have seen an explosion of large backsides everywhere. There is a huge movement towards bigger is better in the booty department. Check out some interesting news about just Read more [...]

Final Exam Study Tips

Here at GIT RIGHT SPF we know what it is like to have to prepare for final exams so we wanted to share some great tips for you to use to make your preparation the best it can possibly be. Read over each one to see how it will benefit you. If you are already doing some of them, great, more power to you, and we like that great minds think alike. Best wishes to you and your preparation. Ace it! Switch It Up Moving locations can help refresh your studying when your mind starts to wander or lag. Read more [...]

Is Your Neck Hurting While You Text?

A person's stance while texting could be putting 27 kilograms of strain on their neck. It's a standard texting position: head down, palm up, reading the latest gossip or news on Twitter and Facebook. And one new study thinks this could be putting up to 27 kilograms of strain on our necks. The study by Dr Kenneth Hansraj, published by Surgical Technology International, found the forces placed on the cervical spine by the standard texting mode can be quite heavy indeed. "The weight seen by Read more [...]

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