5 Power Foods


5 Power Foods to Help Fuel Your Body

Eat and be merry sounds really good but what are some of the best foods to eat. Well today we will look at some of the key points of 5 foods that are nutrient dense and have plenty of benefits when you have them in your menu. As you read through the list, make sure you take a look at what you are currently consuming in your menu and look for ways to improve it. Think about this, you need to fuel your body to get you the results you are working out for. Why not take time to assess the foods that you are eating just as you assess your result by your clothes, the mirror or the scale. So where do we start? Chick Fil A probably will not like this one since beef starts out on our power foods list.

A. Beef: this meat is important due to its protein density, cholesterol, and saturated fat, all of which maintain high testosterone levels. High testosterone levels will assist in greater muscle size increase as you challenge your muscles during each set and each intense repetition that you complete. The leaner cuts of beef are suggested due to the low amounts of saturated fat. You do not want an excessive amount of saturated fat since it can lead to other complications.

B. Salmon: this food has an abundance of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
Omega-3 fatty acids enhance insulin sensitivity, which boosts muscle protein synthesis and increases glucose and amino acid uptake. What a great way to have your muscles use all the proteins that you are consuming since salmon helps with fatty acids.

C. Broccoli: it contains a phytochemical that gets converted to another naturally occurring chemical called diindolylmethane, which reduces the strength of estrogens by converting them to weaker varieties in the liver. In turn, this helps to decrease estrogenic effects such as fat gain and fluid retention. The lower the estrogenic effects the greater the testosterone effects which aid in muscle size growth and repair.

D. Spinach: not only promotes health through its rich supply of antioxidants, but it’s a great source of glutamine, the amino acid that is highly important for muscle growth, immune function and gastrointestinal health, as well as for boosting growth hormone levels.

E. Brown Rice: is a whole grain that provides fiber to help slow down digestion and keep insulin levels steady, supplying you with energy to last throughout the day. Sure, you have had it, that energy crash that hits around 2-3pm if you had lunch at 12pm. Eating brown rice with give you a more sustainable energy level so that you do not come crashing down energy-wise and have to eat or drink something that may not be as nutritious for you.

These are just a few foods that are beneficial in your menu to assist with your steady gains of strength and size. Even if you are not trying to get bigger muscles these foods are still important just for growth and repair of muscle tissue. Consider this, every day you live your body is breaking down and repairing your cells without you even knowing it. Major chemical reactions are happening in your body and protein plays a huge factor in them.

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