Blueberry Peach Push Pops

When I was a kid on very special occasions my mom would get us Flintstones push pops.  My siblings and I seriously thought they were the best thing ever.  The other day I was perusing online and found push pop containers.  Of course I had to buy them to bring back the nostalgia for myself, and let my kids experience a push pop for themselves.  

I love peaches in the summer.  They are so sweet and I love when they are dripping with juice.  Combining juicy peaches with sweet blueberries makes the perfect pair for these summer pops.  I combined fresh blueberries, fresh peach, plain Greek yogurt, and vanilla almond milk.  Blend in a high powered blender.  Then pour into your containers.  

I found these containers on Amazon.  They are BPA free washable, reusable, recyclable, and freezer safe!!


Pour you mixture into the molds, and freeze!  This recipe will make about 6-8 push pops depending on how full you fill them.  

Yummy, refreshing and something different for your kids to try! 


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