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Flabby arms, pooch in your lower abdomen, and a muffin top have always been a problem. It is amazing how these areas just seem to hold extra weight based on your genetics. By the way, did you know that your fat storage spots were predetermined in your gene pool? So, you are given your genetic make up and then must make sure you maximize it for your benefits. Have you noticed that as children develop they store fat in different places but their lifestyle plays a bigger role in how they look and perform? Well, many factors play a role in how you look and feel. Check out this workout that will challenge your body and hit those areas that give you trouble. Keep in mind that the exercises will build the muscle but you still need to have the appropriate calorie intake to see the lean muscle that you are building underneath.

At Git Right we have a dynamic warm up that we teach. Below is sample of the exercises that we use. You start out with a light jog outdoors to get some sun rays and fresh air, then you move into a dynamic toe touch for the hamstrings, high knees, a knee hug, and spidermans. These exercises will help you bring your body temperature up and warm up all major joints in your body because each exercise challenges your upper body, core, and lower body. After you are adequately warmed up, we move into planks. We do a forward planks for 21 seconds then rotate to a side plank for 21 seconds on the left and right side. From there, we go to a leg raise for 21 repetitions, and finish with a med ball sit up with a left and right rotation. For the planks, you must hold each direction for 21 seconds and complete a total of 7 repetitions. For the leg raises and the med ball sit up you complete 3 sets of 21 repetitions.

Now that you are warmed up and have completed your core isolation training, we then move into a TRX Rip Trainer Squat with a Row. You may ask what is the TRX Rip Trainer. Well, it is a tool that has been created by TRX to give you a great workout. It was designed by Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, and former US National TaeKwon-Do Champion Peter Holman. Each exercise on the TRX Rip Trainer engages your entire core so that your body moves with more power and stability. We have a quick and effective workout that is challenging. The TRX Rip Trainer exercises must be completed on each side of your body. Here is the sequence.

1. TRX Rip Trainer Squat with a Row – 3 sets 30 seconds each side

2. TRX Rip Trainer Split Stance Chest Press – 3 sets 30 seconds each side

3. TRX Rip Trainer Squat Overhead Press – 3 sets 30 seconds each side

4. TRX Rip Trainer Overhead Axe Chop – 3 sets 30 seconds each side

Start with the Squat Row by gripping the the TRX Rip Trainer facing the anchor point, place feet about shoulder width apart in a squat stance. You should be at a 90 degree angle at your knee without your knee moving over your toes. With a standard hand grip, make sure the resistance cord is on your right, row towards your body keeping your elbows up. Stay in the squat position and keep rowing until 30 seconds have passed. Then switch the bar so that the resistance cord is on the left side. Complete another 30 seconds. This completes one set. You have a total of three sets.

Next, facing away from the anchor point, assuming a split stance position. This position will look like a stationary lunge position. Make sure both knees are at a 90 degree angle without the knees moving over your toes. With the resistance cord on your right side, you will press the bar away from your chest as if you were completing a bench press. Keep your body stable and resist the rotational forces you will feel. Stay in that split stance position for 30 seconds while pressing as many as you can in controlled manner, then switch the resistance cord to the left side, and complete another 30 seconds. This completes one set. You have a total of three sets.

For the third exercise you will get back into a squat position with a standard hand grip and the resistance cord on the right side. Squat down to that 90 degree angle with the TRX Rip Trainer on your upper chest. From the bottom of your squat, stand up and extend your arms overhead pressing upward toward the sky. Repeat this process for 30 seconds and then switch the resistance cord to the other side. One set completed, two more to go.

Finally, the TRX Rip Trainer Overhead Axe Chop has you facing away from the anchor point with an opposing hand grip right palm facing up and resistance cord on the right side. Place your feet in a split stance with your right foot back. Push your right arm up and forward while pulling with your left arm. Your left hand should be close to your arm pit as you fully extend your right arm. Make sure to resist the rotational forces and complete 30 seconds of axe chopping on each side. You have a total of three sets.

Once you have completed these exercises and catch your breath, it is time for a cool down and stretch. We have various ways that we bring your heart rate down. We have you do a slow walk or slow air punches to keep you moving while your heart decelerates. After a few minutes we then go through a full sequence of hamstring, quads, glutes, hip flexor, inner/outer thigh, back, core, chest, shoulders, and arm stretches. The TRX Rip Trainer is an awesome way for you to get a great workout. Make sure you come see us so we can TRX Rip Train together! Call 855-734-4878 now!

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