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Here at GIT RIGHT SPF we know what it is like to have to prepare for final exams so we wanted to share some great tips for you to use to make your preparation the best it can possibly be. Read over each one to see how it will benefit you. If you are already doing some of them, great, more power to you, and we like that great minds think alike. Best wishes to you and your preparation. Ace it!

Switch It Up
Moving locations can help refresh your studying when your mind starts to wander or lag. If you have been studying in your room, try moving to the kitchen table or going to the library when you start to lose motivation. It can help bring a wandering mind back to the task at hand, and also potentially improve your memory of the material.

Pump Up the Tunes
Listening to soothing classical or instrumental music can help a wandering mind stay focused. Research has found that workers who listened to music completed their tasks more efficiently and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t.

Take A Breather
Studying for longer is not always better. Studies have found that taking a 10-minute walking break can help improve your focus for up to two hours afterwards. The walking break gets you mobile and changes your physiology from its resting state which leads to better focus. Plus you take your mind off studying and place it on your walking pace. You focus on the areas around you depending on where you are walking. You may see an awesome designed building or group of birds flying in formation. Whatever you see during your walk will be a different stimulus than staring at your notes or reading pages in a book.

Test Yourself
Giving yourself a practice test can be an effective way to ease pre-exam nerves and identify gaps in your knowledge. Research has found that active study methods, like taking practice tests, are more effective than other strategies, like highlighting or summarizing. With enough practice, you will feel more confident because you are retaining the information and answering the questions correctly. This builds momentum for you and will lead to better performance.

Use Pencil or Pen on Paper
Instead of typing out your notes, write them down on paper for better retention. Research has found that the act of holding a pencil or pen and creating shapes on paper sends feedback signals to the brain, leaving a “motor memory” which makes it easier to later recall the information. Typing or digitally recording did not have the same cognitive effect. So although it may take you longer to hand-write your notes, it could pay off in the long run for your testing success.

Stay Hydrated
This is especially true if you have been relying on coffee or energy drinks, which can have a dehydrating effect, to get you through long study sessions. Even mild dehydration can impair cognitive functioning and mental performance so make sure to keep a bottle of water next to you at all times when you are studying. We also offer an Advocare product called Rehydrate that provides superior electrolyte balance for optimal hydration and recovery.

Do Not Cram
Cramming may seem like the best way to make sure you’ve got everything covered right before the exam, but it’s actually counterproductive. Not only will you be exhausted the morning of your exam, but your fatigued brain won’t be able to recall information as well as if you were well-rested. Instead of cramming, start studying around a month before your exams, pace yourself, and get some sleep the night before.

Group Up
Studying in a group can be helpful, if you choose the right group and stay focused on the material so that your studying does not veer off-course. Try limiting your group to three or four members who are serious about getting work done. Pick a group leader, make an agenda of everything you need to get through, and how much time each item will take.

There you have it, a few tips to make your final exam preparations a little more delightful, tolerable, and manageable. Use them to help get the best performance on your exams. Give us a call (855-734-4878) to get some Rehydrate too. It will keep you hydrated during those long study sessions. You can drink it along with the water bottle that you have next to you. Just drop in a scoop, shake it up, and sip. You are good to go.

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