Fruit and Veggie Pops

Summer is winding down for us…….sniff, sniff.  This summer has been one of my most fun and mostly because I have done so many things with my kids.  Even the days we don’t actually go somewhere to do something fun, I will bust out my lawn chair in the shade, hold my baby and watch my girls ride their scooters or bikes.  There is usually a common denominator for these summer days, and that is popsicles.  For a long while I was making our own popsicles everyday………and then I had a baby.  Dun, dun, dun…………But now that he is six weeks old (I can’t believe it!!) I have gotten back into my usual swing of things.  I’m always experimenting with making smoothies and turning them into popsicles.  Usually I will just do fruit, but today I decided to live on the wild side and throw some veggies in there.  They turned out delicious and kid approved.

Although I have tomatoes pictured – I actually didn’t add any.  I think it is good to start with veggies that are more mild tasting.  I blended: Peaches, 100% Apple Juice, 1/2 banana, Frozen berries, Kale, and Sweet Potato. The key to adding anything green to a popsicle is making sure you blend all of the pieces so fine that there aren’t chunks in it.  If a kid sees a green chunk in his popslce, then game over.  

Once everything is blended, pour into your popsicle molds, freeze and enjoy!  I love these pops because you know your kids are getting a variety of nutrients into a treat they love.  My girls get excited when I bust out my pop makers and they watch me make them and so know exactly what is in them.  

Amelia loved these and was out eating one on the porch when one of her little friends came over.  She wanted one also and they both ate it up without any hesitation.  Success!! 

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