Healthy Camping- Meal Plan, Recipes, and Shopping List!

Last week we went camping! Rather than bringing marshmallows and chips, we brought healthy food, with little to no complaints from my peanut gallery! Mostly because everything tasted so great!  We only stayed one night, and this was our feast:(print recipes and shopping list here)


We decided on oatmeal, berries, eggs, and turkey bacon.

Prep ahead:

  • I boiled eggs ahead of time, put them in a container in the cooler.
  • I chopped berries for our oatmeal, also put them in the cooler.
  • my husband wanted to also cook eggs at camp, “for a real camping breakfast”, so we also added uncooked eggs, stored in a container like this:


We also ate some of the melon we had chopped for lunch!




  • Brought all the fixings for sandwiches with whole wheat bagels. We prefer bagels to bread because they hold up better, rather than smashing.
  • I chopped all our vegetables and fruit, and added it  to a container in the cooler.



No prep needed- we brought pistachios and apples.


Taco Soup

Prep ahead

  • I made the entire soup ahead of time, using our pre-cooked ground beef I posted last week! This is our fast, easy, and MOST delicious recipe we have, so the kids were thrilled to eat it .
  • I also shredded some cheese to add after cooking.


The kids loved these baked apples for dessert! Erica even said she liked it better than s’mores!!  We sliced apples, topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. Then, wrapped in foil and put on  the fire.

We had a great  time camping, and ate well- which really cut back on the crankiness!  Gotta love that! What food ideas do you have for camping?

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