Orange Zucchini Bread Makeover

When you think of zucchini bread, even though you have made it a hundred times and you know exactly what is in it – doesn’t part of you think that it has got to be somewhat healthy because it has veggies in it?  I definitely do!  But the reality is that is has enough sugar and oil to rival a cake or cookie.  That doesn’t change the fact that I love zucchini bread and that my garden is exploding with zucchini and so I practically have to make it.  Once a long time ago a friend made a chocolate chip orange zucchini bread.  It was to die for.  This friend is an excellent cook, but definitely not on the healthy side of things.  Since then, I have searched and searched for a recipe and finally came up with this one.


I made this to take to a family dinner, and my dad does not really like chocolate chips in his baked goods (crazy!) and so I made one with walnuts.  Also I just sprinkled them on the top in case other people don’t like nuts and so you could just cut off the nut layer on top.  I personally thought both versions were delicious! 

This bread is your basic run of the mill quick bread with a few ingredients added, and a few ingredients taken away.  I love the hint of orange flavor combined with the chocolate chips – but I also love the crunchy texture of the walnuts in the other loaf.  Either way this bread is a crowd pleaser.  You can double or even triple the recipe and freeze the extra loaves for the next time you get a craving but don’t have fresh zucchini – or don’t have an hour to let it bake 🙂



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