5 Key Ways to Recover After A Football Game

Eat in 30 Timing is essential to recovery. The sooner you eat a snack, the better you’ll be able to maximize your recovery. Aim to eat within 30 minutes of ending the game. If you can do it in 10 minutes, even better, says Alvey, a performance nutritionist. You’ll reduce soreness, replenish nutrients, and reduce your risk of injury. Plan your postgame meal with a blend of carbs and protein. At Git Right we use advocare post workout recovery which provides this powerful Read more [...]

Daily Positive Habits

At some point in your life, you have probably made a New Year's resolution. Did you make one 8 months ago that you are on course to achieve? You might have already abandoned your plans. It is a challenge to stay focused when you are adjusting your life. Perhaps you have given up making resolutions because they so rarely succeed. It is hard to make big changes in your life, and you have to enter into that process expecting that you will experience a few setbacks. What separates Read more [...]

Emotional Eating

As more and more food is available, let's not forget about the people out there that have a difficulty with controlling their intake. We will take a look at a man who has been open and honest with himself and those around him. According to The Daily Mirror, Keith Martin shared that he has an eating disorder that lead him to a body weight of 980 pounds. Martin shared that he consumed about 20,000 calories a day in a diet that included six-egg fried breakfasts, lunches, dinners with pizza, kebabs, Read more [...]

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