In this energizing class we will focus on having fun, while burning off calories utilizing cardiovascular exercise, and simple to learn martial arts techniques. You will not only Git a butt kicking workout, but you will also learn the proper techniques of movement, punching, striking, and kicking! If you want to Git stronger, leaner, and learn proper technique that can also be used for self defense situations, then nothing beats our cardio kickboxing program!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Developed into the amazing art it is today, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was created by the brothers Carlos and Helio Gracie, and despite common misconception is not simply a “ground fighting” art, but is in fact an entire martial art that covers all aspects of self defense, combat, and even sport, from standing, takedowns, ground work, weapon defenses (stick, knife, gun), and more.

What sets this art apart from most others is its original design that enables the proponent to overcome much larger, stronger, more aggressive opponents in a real life self defense scenario utilizing leverage, timing, and technique as opposed to strength and speed.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about energy efficiency, distance management for punch protection, self preservation, and overcoming an attacker without necessarily having to resort to violence yourself.

Teens (Ages 13-17)

Our Teens Only program focuses on teenagers ranging from 13-17 years old and the unique lives they lead. Instead of placing them with younger kids or adults, we want our teenagers to be able to connect on a higher level with their peers and friends who are facing the same mental, physical, and social challenges they are.

Our teenagers will be learning the full Kokoro-Jitsu program, but with an emphasis on discussing topics that relate to their lives as they currently exist.


Ages 5-7: With our Kokoro-Jitsu Kids program, we blend multiple martial arts from our Kokoro-Jitsu program to form a complete martial arts system. Next we take the essence of everything taught to the adults and make more “digestible bites” of information for our kids to keep them motivated and feeling empowered every time they step on the mats!

Through the process of drills and fun games designed for younger children, we will be teaching them Japanese Karate, Chinese Kenpo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and much more! When your child goes through this program they will come out a complete martial artist instead of just a specialist in one style or another!

Ages 8-13:
For our older children the focus shifts to the new and different challenges they face in their lives, from personal growth and changes to emotional and mental challenges they face in school and at home. While still teaching the Kokoro-Jitsu material, we now add more details and teach greater focus. We don’t stop having fun and playing games from time to time, but now the intent gets more serious and the student really starts to develop!


Competition training takes center stage with this program teaching athletes of all levels of Mixed Martial Arts from beginner to advanced.

At Git Right MMA the competition team trains for the rules and regulations of the sport and learns the necessary skills from footwork, breathing, punching, striking, kicking, clinching, takedowns, grappling, and submissions that will enable you to reach your goals, whether that is to simply get into the best shape of your life or to become a world class athlete.

Although the focus here is on competition and competing, at Git Right MMA we fully understand that some people enjoy the workout and fitness aspects and have no desire to be top level athletes, and so we encourage everyone to join in these classes for the best and most fun workout of your life. You are not required to compete if you don’t desire or only want to learn the skills and get a sweat going with others.

Our Team Git Right program utilizes concepts of Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu mainly with an eye constantly toward always using “what works” versus limiting ourselves to one style or another.

Mindfulness and Stretching

Living in the modern world can be immensely stressful, fast paced, and feel overwhelming at times. By utilizing mindfulness meditation, the simple act of sitting and being aware, you can drop into a deeper level of being that takes you away from the insanity of the everyday.

We teach you to create “anchor points” so that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can learn to always drop back into a mindful, more aware, more restful and peaceful state of being.

The stretching we incorporate with this class makes a winning combination by allowing you to prepare your mind gently, and then to do the same with your body. Revitalize yourself with a boost of good morning energy by learning to gently and safely stretch to gain greater flexibility, mobility, and strength through extended ranges.

Open Mat

Every Sunday night we open our doors and invite anyone from any school or style of Martial Arts to come and train with us in our beautifully matted facility!

So whether you’re a wrestler, grappler, Jiu-Jitsu player, karateka, aikidoka, kenpoist, or any other type of martial artist, you’re welcome to train with us every Sunday night for 2 straight hours of fun, friendly rolling, sparring, drilling, and martial arts training!

Also, you’re welcome to wear whatever you’re happy with; gi, no-gi, hakama, any patches, or belts don’t matter (just nothing offensive and no shoes on the mat is all we ask).

Private Lessons

If you want to take your personal training to the highest levels in the fastest way possible, then schedule a private lesson today for personalized training dedicated to just you and what you need at your level. While group classes are important, private lessons are equally important if you want to grow quickly, safely, and assuredly.

Private Lessons (By appointment only)

Check out a class and have our trainers show you what they can do for you with Team Git Right!

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