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Hi everyone! I am writing this blog to help you with your Paleo Diet goals, by way of recipes, tips, resources, and insight from myself and YOU! Feel free to comment; this blog is meant to be a help to others, so your input is appreciated as well. And don’t forget to sign up for my weekly health and diet tips newsletter!

I LOVE the Paleo Diet because it makes sense and it WORKS! For once, I am losing weight without STARVING-an actual, doable, diet that becomes a way of life. What a concept, lol.

I was always skinny as a kid, so my bad eating habits didn’t affect me-I never gained weight, I stayed at 100 pounds. Once I started having kids, however, I continued eating junk-fast food is my weakness!-and slowly gained weight. It was subtle at first because I was pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, through 4 kids and over a 9 year span. But after my last child, who is now 13, the weight continued and wasn’t coming off…all the way to 200 pounds on my tiny 5 foot 2 frame! Something had to give, something had to work. I tried everything under the sun. It was so frustrating because I never was “weight aware” before. My weight loss adventure spanned the whole gamut-juice fasting, water fasting, protein shake fasting, vegetables and fruit only, fish and eggs only, cheese (don’t ask me how I thought cheese as my only food was a good idea, I think by now I had lost some brain cells!), Chinese way of eating, Mediterranean Diet, and the list goes on and on.

I finally stumbled upon the idea of typing into Google, “How Does The Body Burn Fat?” and came across the Low Carber Forum and Ketogenic and Paleo diet information. It all made sense, and have we ever been lied to by the media and so-called “experts”!

So, now I am happily losing weight and feeling wonderful with a Paleo Diet lifestyle, and if you haven’t already embraced it, I’m hoping you will!


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