Booty, booty, booty over here, over there, everywhere! It seems that more and more attention is being placed on this part of the body. Well having a great booty is not a bad thing, but what about the rest of your fitness package. Do you really want to have a great booty but terrible muscle tone on the rest of your body? Let's look at the overall fitness components such as strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. How about making sure you cover all the bases along with having Read more [...]


Memorial weekend is here, are you ready to take on the challenge of the long weekend. If you hadn't caught the summer bug by now, by Monday you'll have a full-on case of summer fever. Once again, barbecues and picnics will be waiting to lure you in with their potato salads, grills full of burgers and brats and coolers making ice cold beers readily available. You've probably spent the better part of the spring focused on losing weight for summer. Hopefully, this weekend you'll be able to show-off Read more [...]

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