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It’s a new week and January is moving ahead. Before you know it, February will be here along with Valentines Day. Where is your head at? Are you talking about getting into better shape or are you doing it? The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set up some short term and long term goals. You can be real with yourself or continue to make excuses as to why you are not where you want to be in life. Here is a quick workout that you can complete to get your heart rate up and burn some major calories. You can come to our gym and we will show you how to do it with perfect form.

You start by running in place, then switch to doing jumping jacks. You run in place for 30 seconds then you switch to 30 seconds of jumping jacks. You must work through this cycle for 5 rounds with those 2 exercises. Your heart rate will definitely be up and you will have warmed up all the major joints in your body. Now that you have warmed up, you then drop to the ground and complete a plank for 30 seconds. You then jump back up and high knee run in place for 60 seconds. You go from high knee running in place to plank for 3 cycles. The last core exercise is to complete leg raises for 30 seconds for 3 sets. Once this has been completed, move into the next sequence of exercises. The exercises will be on the TRX Suspension Trainer. Now, you complete 14 TRX squats, 14 TRX chest press, 14 TRX inverted rows, 14 TRX Y, and 14 TRX roll outs. Rest for 30 seconds and begin the cycle again. Complete 3 cycles of these exercises. Finally, you go to 14 TRX lunges, 14 TRX pikes, 14 TRX biceps curls, 14 TRX triceps extensions, and 30 seconds of TRX mountain climbers. Rest for 30 seconds and begin the cycle again.

Warm up

Run in place 30 seconds then switch to jumping jacks 30 seconds x 5 sets

Core Work
Plank for 30 seconds then switch to high knee run in place for 60 seconds x 3 sets
Leg raises for 30 seconds x 3 sets

Intense Training
14 TRX Squats
14 TRX Chest Press
14 TRX Inverted Rows
14 TRX Y
14 TRX Roll Outs

Complete 3 cycles with 30 seconds rest after each cycle.

14 TRX Lunges
14 TRX Pikes
14 TRX Biceps Curls
14 TRX Triceps Extensions
30 seconds of 14 TRX Mountain Climbers

Complete 3 cycles with 30 seconds rest after each cycle.

Cool down and stretch

Your heart rate will be up so you must make sure you bring it down with a light jog. In this workout you have been running in place so now is the time to jog for distance. Keep the jog light because the objective is to decelerate your heart rate not elevate it. Once you have cooled down for about 3 minutes you will then go into a full body stretching routine.

Well there you have it. A high intensity workout that challenges your entire body. You work your cardiorespiratory system, muscular endurance, and muscular strength during this routine. Call us now 855-734-4878 so that we can go through this workout together

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