Are you feeling burned out today? If you are, there are many reasons why you are feeling this way. Too much sleep, not enough sleep, missing meals, stress, and life’s obstacles can lead to burnout. Let’s look at burnout in your fitness pursuits and ways to make sure that you are energized for the next workout. It all starts with your program design. If you make your program too challenging in the very beginning it will cause you to burnout mentally and physically because you cannot recover fast enough or you cannot complete your workout. The psychological part of not being able to complete your workout will deflate your dreams and may send you into a negative state.

Burnout is a psychological term that refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work. There are negative outcomes such as an increase in stress hormones, coronary heart disease, and depression (Wikipedia.com). Burnout can easily occur if you are not strategic with your program design. Some of the key points you must address is where do you begin in you fitness program. You must also know what is your current status of health and from this information you will be able to determine the proper starting point. We at Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness first start out with a full evaluation of your current status of health to ensure that we begin your design at the correct point. We then look at what your goals are and build your routine based on where you want to go based on factors such as time of completion and dedication to your goal. We understand that you have a busy life and find you ways to free up time to pursue your fitness goals successfully and not in a burdensome way.

We help you prevent burnout by looking at all the factors of life and obstacles that you may have to overcome. Psychologists Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North researched burnout and found 12 phases: the compulsion to prove oneself, working harder, neglecting their needs, displacement of conflicts, revision of values, denial of emerging problems, withdrawal, obvious behavioral changes, depersonalization, inner emptiness, depression, and burnout syndrome (Wikipedia.com).

You must make sure that you are working out in the most effective and safe manner to get to your fitness goals and if you are experiencing anything mentioned above, make sure you reach out to us so that we can provide you with the proper guidance to reach your goals. We are experts in program designs that are tailored to your individual needs, with recovery times factored in for optimal recovery. We provide nutritional guidance and supplemental nutrient replacement with products from Advocare. Reach out to us for your evaluation and let’s get you to your goals ASAP! See you soon!

“You have to have more that a plan. You have to put that plan in action, measure the results, and learn from your mistakes.” –quote: Dr. Ken Ravizza

“You have to have strategies to go to. Try harder never works.” –quote: Dr. Ken Ravizza

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