Thanksgiving Healthy Alternatives

Tis the season of good tidings and cheer. They are here, the 2 major holidays that close out 2014. Wow, what a year it has been. So, how have you done on your journey to better health that you made January 1, 2014 as your New Years Resolution? At Git Right, we hope you stayed focused on your goals and hit your mark. If you have been training consistently with us then we know you are on track. Call 855-734-4878 if you are not training with us and want to get back on track. There is still time for Read more [...]

Fix My Pain

Fix my Pain Ouch, what is that pain in the back of my leg? Why does it hurt to straightened out my knee? Has this ever happened to you? Ladies and gentlemen, you may be suffering from a leg cramp. So what are leg cramps? Today we will look at the muscles of your thigh. Your hamstrings are the muscle group located on the rear of each upper thigh. It's common to experience tight, strained or cramped hamstrings, which can occur for several reasons. Hamstring cramps are common among people Read more [...]

Save The Breast

Breast Cancer-How to Reduce Your Risk This is breast cancer awareness month and there are plenty of ways to help reduce your risks. Breast cancer is not only found in women, it can be found in men, so fellas take some time to ready through this. Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy habits such as limiting alcohol consumption and staying physically active throughout your life. Keep in mind that some risk factors, such as family history, can't be changed. Even though Read more [...]

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