5 Power Foods

5 Power Foods to Help Fuel Your Body Eat and be merry sounds really good but what are some of the best foods to eat. Well today we will look at some of the key points of 5 foods that are nutrient dense and have plenty of benefits when you have them in your menu. As you read through the list, make sure you take a look at what you are currently consuming in your menu and look for ways to improve it. Think about this, you need to fuel your body to get you the results you are working out for. Read more [...]


The holidays are a special time of the year where we have celebrations of some type and usually gather with friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. It is also a time where food and festivities are present for us to enjoy. So, what are you supposed to do with your health and fitness oriented lifestyle during the holidays? Today we will look at some opportunities to still stay on course to your fitness destination. Shop smart for health holidays Plan your menu to include plenty of fruits, Read more [...]

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