Git Your Head In The Moment

l Sports psychology, has gained more recognition in recent years by top athletes. It is a fact that many of today's top athletes have a sports psychologist working with them to help keep them focused. So what if you are not a top athlete, do you need to have a mental focus that will help you perform at your peak? Think about this, you can still dominate on your playing field which could be the office, the gym, the classroom, and your home. Do you manage a large or small team of people? Do you have Read more [...]

Your Mind

What's Between Your Ears? There is a pretty catchy question out there that asks what's in your wallet, but today the question is what's between your ears? Your brain. That uniquely made organ that controls everything. Today, we focus on your thoughts, we focus on your emotions, and we focus on your actions. As you read further into this, take some time to look at how you are motivated. In an article by Chleo Doble: Explaining Motivational Behavior Patterns, the author looks Read more [...]

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