Halloween Burn

Halloween Burn Oh my goodness did you know how much money was spent on candy for Halloween? Halloween spending on candy, costumes, and more is expected to hit record highs this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). All told, Americans will spend over $77 per person on Halloween in 2014. Most of us think of Halloween as an occasion all about the kids, but there's a reason it's far exceeded Thanksgiving as a holiday celebration: the chance for all to play dress up. Read more [...]


Booty, booty, booty over here, over there, everywhere! It seems that more and more attention is being placed on this part of the body. Well having a great booty is not a bad thing, but what about the rest of your fitness package. Do you really want to have a great booty but terrible muscle tone on the rest of your body? Let's look at the overall fitness components such as strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. How about making sure you cover all the bases along with having Read more [...]

Your Mind

What's Between Your Ears? There is a pretty catchy question out there that asks what's in your wallet, but today the question is what's between your ears? Your brain. That uniquely made organ that controls everything. Today, we focus on your thoughts, we focus on your emotions, and we focus on your actions. As you read further into this, take some time to look at how you are motivated. In an article by Chleo Doble: Explaining Motivational Behavior Patterns, the author looks Read more [...]

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