How is your February going? It is the second month of the New Year and you should be on track to your health and fitness goals, right? Well if you are on track and if you are not on track because you fell of the wagon, come to Git Right Sports Performance and Fitness because we have the right spark to get you back on track. We specialize in motivation and delivering results. You have no reason not to see changes in your body or improve your health and fitness if you will just take that first step by calling 855-73-GITRT. So, what motivates you? What makes you tick? We are sure that in the beginning of the year, you were really excited about that resolution for your body transformation, but now things are not the same now that February is here. What has changed about you? Why are we asking so many questions? It is simple, we want you to answer the questions honestly because you will then see that you are not moving to your goal because of a specific reason. We want to help you identify the reason(s) why you are not getting the results you want so that we can design for you and get you the results quickly and safely.

Do you want to run faster, jump higher, and be able to walk up a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator? Do you want to be a starter instead of a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th string player on your team? Do you want to keep up with your children when they run around? Every person has a different reason for exercising. What is yours? We are your experts that have researched numerous training designs and found that there is not a one size fits all program for you and your unique goals. That is what makes us different because we will tailor the design to incorporate your fitness level and then move you into a more challenging program as you dominate the first phase of your individualized training program. Are you up for the challenge? Call 855-73-GITRT or click on the fitness assessment link and blast off to your success!

“The expectations of life depend upon diligence; the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.” – quote: Confucius

“Commitment is a big part of what I am and what I believe. How committed are you to winning? How committed are you to being a good friend? To being trustworthy? To being successful? How committed are you to being a good father, a good teammate, a good role model? There’s that moment every morning when you look in the mirror: Are you committed, or are you not?” – quote: LeBron James

“I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.” – Kobe Bryant

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