IGCT Episode #17: Louie Simmons on Coaching, Powerlifting, and the Conjugate Method

Louie Simmons is the owner of Westside Barbell and a living strength training legend! He is one of a very select group of powerlifters who have totaled ELITE in 5 different weight classes and Louie is one of only a couple of men over 50 years of age to have squatted 920 lbs or more, the first to bench both 500 and 600 lbs, and the only to have totaled 2100 lbs! (over the age of 50) Louie has worked with twenty-five World and National Champion powerlifters, twenty-seven lifters who have totaled over 2000 pounds, and a World Record holder in the 400-meter dash. He is a strength consultant for […]

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