It’s A New Year, Time For A Change


As this year came to an end, what type of reflection did you have? Do you even care about getting the most out of yourself and reaching your potential? Only you can answer that question and only you have the power to live a fulfilling life. Did you know that your mind controls your body, not the other way around? Your brain is the highly functional organ that controls all the systems in your body. It controls all your movements so it hard to read the latest reports of our society still being obese. It is hard to read reports of how many diets people go on and lose weight only to gain it back plus 10 or more pounds. The supplement industry is great at marketing products that will give you instant gratification, but what about the long term results that you are able to sustain. Come to Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness so that you learn how to control your eating habits, exercise in a way that is effective, and reap not just short term results but long term changes that you carry with you wherever you go. It is not enough to drop 10 pounds and feel better. We want you to drop that 10 pounds of body fat, feel great, and maintain that success. It is a daily mental toughness session because you must make the correct choice for your success. Let’s look at a few scenarios.

Person A has been working out for 6 months and has seen some substantial gains in lean muscle mass and reduced body fat. Person A is now reaching a point where he/she has built up the daily habits that will lead to greater gains. This person is meal prepping on a daily basis, staying hydrated, and resting for the appropriate amount of time post workout. This person makes sure that whatever he/she eats and drinks is going to help him/her get closer to the goal.

Person B has been working out for 6 months and has seen a few changes in body composition because of a special diet that he/she chose. This person feels lighter and a little healthier but is missing food. This person has cut out carbs and eats a high fat and high protein diet thinking that no carbs is great for weight loss. This person is inconsistent with exercising but really stays focused on the diet.

Person C has been working out for 6 months and has seen a few changes in body composition. This person will exercise tremendously for a few weeks then stop. This person also believes that he/she can eat what he/she wants because of the tremendous amount of exercise completed daily. This person works really hard and feels that eating certain foods is a reward for the hard work. This person will workout extra hard to be able to indulge in alcohol, fatty foods, and sugary desserts with the justification coming from the fact that he/she worked out that day.

All of the people above have made a change in his/her life so that is a good highlight. They have decided that they want to look and feel different. Person A has taken on a more well rounded approach to hit the goal. Person B has decided that an extreme diet is what will lead to his/her success. Person C is very motivated to exercise so that the reward is the food and drinks. We are not here to judge any of these people because we know how hard it is to make a change. At least these people are taking steps to get to their goal unlike the people that are driving the statistics higher for the US in the obesity category. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity is common, serious, and costly. More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death. The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the U.S. was $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars; the medical costs for people who are obese were $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. The number of people who are obese varies from state to state. For example, 18.6% of Colorado residents are obese, compared with 34.4% of Mississippi residents. In 2009, 9 states had obesity rates of 30% or more compared with no states in 2000.

At Git Right, we will take the time to help each person improve on what he/she is doing to reach each set of goals. For person A, we would look at the quality and quantity of foods to see how to improve upon them. We would look at the workout routine to make sure this person is maximizing his/her time to get the most out of the exercise session. For person B, it is all about getting more carbs in the menu and making sure that this person has a workout plan that he/she can stay focused and committed to. It is all about a lifestyle that is complementary to his/her fitness goals. For person C, we would find a better way to use all the energy that this person has. Clearly he/she is motivation to work hard, but this hard work leads to burnout since this person will stop. We would look at not cutting out all the foods and drinks, but finding a moderation that this person would have that stills allows calories to be burned and those taste buds to be stimulated. We find a balance for this person to get better results.

So which person are you? How do you match up to the examples of people that are making changes just going about it in a different manner? Whoever you are, we are here to help you continue to get to your goals. Make sure you contract us immediately so that we can work with you. There are many variables that we help you change to get to the results that you are looking for. Join us now, your goal is not too far away if you are willing to take the right steps!

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