Kids in the Kitchen: 3 Step Raspberry Cheesecake

There are two foods that literally make my mouth water when I look, smell, touch, or think about them. Truly uncontrollable salivating.  It is kiwi and raspberries.  In fact, as I look at the raspberry pictures, and write this post, I can’t stop my mouth from watering. 

Why should your kids eat raspberries?  Here’s the deal!  At very young ages, your kids are developing the building blocks to good healthy cells.  At this time it is vital to supply your kids with the highest amount of vitamins and minerals.  Empty calories will only compromise the process, leading to disease later in life.  Calories that are nutrient dense are necessary to get the job done.  Not only does raspberries have good vitamins and minerals, they go beyond what no “enriched” bread or cereal can give them. It gives them essential phytochemicals, flavonoids, and antioxidants.  The phytochemical called tannin is responsible for the antioxidant activity that combats cell damage, possibly preventing unhealthy bacteria growth.  In the colon it may also slow down the growth of cancer cells, and tumors.  Only fruits and vegetables, rich in color, have this possibilities.

Please, for the love of your children, buy or grow some raspberries.  They taste great:

  • You may add them to baked goods like muffins or breads, pancakes, waffles.
  • Add raspberries to smoothies
  • make popsicles out of them
  • eat them straight
  • mix with yogurt
  • make jam
  • Top your oatmeal

For dessert tonight, I wanted to do something the kids could make themselves!  All we did was:

Step 1: Crush Graham Crackers

Crush Graham crackers, and add them to the bottom layer of a cup or dish.   This is great for kids.  Place graham crackers in a sealable bag, and roll over the bag with a rolling pin to crush.

Step 2: Top with Greek Yogurt and Raspberries 

Step 3: Freeze for 1 hour

1 hour is perfect so your yogurt can still be spooned into, and is firm, but not rock hard frozen.


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