Lululemon vs Under Armour

With each day bringing new sales, styles, and brands, we have so much information to review about who is the top and most valued company out there in the fitness and athletic clothing industry. In case you missed the news about a popular yoga pants company, Lululemon, there has been some talk about the co-founder making statements that were not received very well by women. The co-founder spoke about how that pants frankly don’t work for some women’s bodies. In addition, the co-founder went on the say that it is really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, how much they use it. When the co-founder was asked if every woman can wear Lululemon yoga pants, the co-founder clarified that every woman can wear them, it’s just how you use them.

These are statements that struck a nerve with various women and writers that have gone on to voice their opinions of this clothing brand. Lululemon offers very high-end yoga pants that range from $82 and up to $128 based on research from the company website. The designs are unique and functional and the company amongst it 2013 controversies are still successfully providing a sought after product. However, after the co-founder’s recent statements, we will see how demand is. In addition, in the industry, competition brings out the best in some cases and the company Under Armour has built itself into a huge brand while finding a functional material for people to wear. The material designs are very unique at Under Armour and they fit any woman’s body. The also help with keeping women dry by removing the perspiration that may occur during various activity. The material holds every inch of flesh in place and the clothing does not restrict movements. This brand has great pants that can be worn for yoga, running, and fitness class that are made to move with you and keep you dry. The style of pants are very eye catching and prices range from $29.99 and up to $99.99 based on pants research on the company website.

Under Armour clothing is stylish and fun that wicks away perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it, and is the originator of performance apparel with various product assortments. Today we have focused just on yoga pants but the company also has HeatGear to where when it is hot, ColdGear to wear when it’s cold, and AllSeasonGear to wear between the extremes ( Clearly Under Armour is built for all women regardless of shapes and sizes because we know that not all bodies are the same size. Not every woman is perfectly shaped, which leads to another question of what is a perfect shape and does it even exist? That is another topic for a different day. So train hard, train effectively, and look great while doing it in Gear that is well designed for your bodies regardless of your size and shape!

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