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Serious athletes train their bodies hard to improve their strength, performance, and status. Seriously, who wants to come in second place? Who wants a bronze or silver medal? How about 2nd, or 3rd, string status? You get the picture, right? It has been proven that more people want to do their best and be rewarded for it verses just going through the motions with a mediocre performance. The rewards can come in different ways. They can come in recognition, monetary value, trophies, shirts, bands, and an internal feeling of accomplishment. Even if you are a novice you still need to train your body hard to improve your physical well-being. Whether you are in great or not so great physical shape, a negative attitude or mental distraction can lower your motivation or keep you from doing your best. To break through these barriers, try some of the mental training techniques below. 

Positive words have the power to strengthen the frontal lobe by altering genetic expression, according to Andrew Newberg, M.D., and Mark R. Waldman.  Did you know that the frontal lobe is the language center of the brain? Yes, it also controls movement, concentration, and other mental functions that will enhance or destroy an athletes’ success. Negative words can disturb the brain’s function. To use positive affirmation for athletic improvement, concentrate on keeping a positive word or words in your mind that relate to your sport several times each day. So, what is your word, that positive word that keeps you going throughout your day? 

Here is another key. You must practice athletic visualization by closing your eyes and mentally picturing yourself performing the exercise or activity. According to a study by V.K. Ranganathan, et al., published in Neuropsychologia, a workout program that combines visualization of strength training exercise with physical exercise produces more increase in muscle strength than physical exercise alone. A significant increase in brain function related to activating and controlling muscle contractions was measured along with the increase in muscle strength. It was concluded that muscles perform better when the mental function that stimulates them is strengthened.

The mental rehearsal of a quarterback would go something like this: Imagine yourself under center, scanning the field. The ball is hiked and you drop back to your depth. You see your offensive linemen protecting you. You see each of your receivers and run your check points. You see your open receiver and fire the ball to an area where only your receiver can catch the ball. Your receiver catches it and advances the ball for a touchdown.  

Those are just a few ways that you prepare your mind daily to help your body perform at its peak. It does not take a long time to start the mental training. As with anything, it does take practice to be consistent with it. After we help you gain your mind control,  we get your heart rate up and force your body to burn calories. We workout at a high intensity which has been proven to cause your body to release epinephrine. It is responsible for quickening of the heart beat, strengthens the force of your heart’s contraction, opens up the airways (bronchioles) in the lungs, and has numerous other effects. Adrenaline is a synonym of epinephrine (MedicineNet). Check that out, adrenaline pumping through your veins while you are working out that even helps your body burn calories long after you have completed your workout. This is a great way to stay lean. Your mind is primed and your body is tuned in. What a great combination. That is an awesome combination that you get at Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness. Come in to experience it. You will be proud of how your body changes and how strong, toned, and firm your body becomes after working out with us.  Your performance will increase and whatever goal you have you will get one step closer to it. You will be glad that you are a top performer in your sport. Did you know that this does not just apply to sports, it applies to life. We all have something that we are responsible for, it’s our health. No one else is going make sure you are healthy. You have to be accountable for your health and fitness. We will hold you accountable. 


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