Post Workout Recovery

Wow, what a great workout or performance you had today and now that the event is over what are doing to refuel and replenish your body?

After the game or a workout there is a celebration of some sort where food, drinks, and conversation takes place. It is during this crucial time that our bodies are seeking calories to repair the muscle breakdown and other tissues that may have been damaged from the stress placed on them during the event. This is a key time for a post workout meal that must contain a easily digestible protein source that our bodies can rapidly absorb and use as fuel to promote tissue repair. Well which protein source should we choose since there are so many options. Protein shakes or meal replacement shakes are a great choice, just be aware of the high amounts of sugar and fillers that are added to them because these are empty calories that do not enhance your protein uptake. The highest quality proteins are milk proteins, casein, and whey proteins. Whey proteins are digested rapidly and contain a large amount of branched-chain amino acids that are need in muscle tissue for growth and repair. Casein is digested slowly in the stomach which allows a sustained elevation of the amino acids in the blood (NSCA Performance Training Journal Volume 11, Issue 6, Dec 2012, Abaray, Russell and Boatwright, Douglas).

Depending on the workout design, or event, we at Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness recommend certain amount of grams of protein per pound of body weight depending on each individual. This protein range is based on the type of activity you are participating in. Since this is a large amount of protein, make sure to continue to drink plenty of water to help with breakdown and processing of the protein through the stomach, intestines, kidneys and liver. We do not recommend over consumption of proteins as an advantage because this excess with place unnecessary strain on the digestive organs. In addition, over consumption of proteins will also lead to body fat gain since the calories from the proteins will be stored as fat. The objective is to recover and build lean muscle to provide a positive impact on protein synthesis, and strength gains, and overall performance. We have a store on our website with multiple protein supplements to meet your needs that are safe and effective along with other products that may be consumed along with you well balanced meals.

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