Greetings to you in the new year and guess what, that pain you have in your hip and buttocks is still there and was not left in the old year. Yep, it's literally a pain in the butt. Well, did you know that a cause of that pain can be from a muscle called the piriformis? Yes, that is a word and a key part of your human anatomy. Let's take a look at this muscle's origins, its responsibility, and how to relax it. The piriformis originates at the anterior sacrum and inserts on the greater trochanter Read more [...]

Can You Git Faster?

Can You GIT Faster? Currently we see so much new information about how to run or increase your speed. Speed is important but you must be able to control that speed and transfer your energy in whatever activity you are performing. Let's say you are a track and field star that has awesome straight ahead speed but your event is the broad jump or the hurdles. Just because you can run fast straight ahead doesn't mean that you will clear the hurdles or jump the furthest in the broad jump. You must Read more [...]

Git Your Head In The Moment

l Sports psychology, has gained more recognition in recent years by top athletes. It is a fact that many of today's top athletes have a sports psychologist working with them to help keep them focused. So what if you are not a top athlete, do you need to have a mental focus that will help you perform at your peak? Think about this, you can still dominate on your playing field which could be the office, the gym, the classroom, and your home. Do you manage a large or small team of people? Do you have Read more [...]

Git Right Now!

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