Top 3 Reasons why Baseball Players NEED to Train During the Season!


Top 3 Reasons why Baseball Players NEED to Train During the Season!




Another busy baseball season is upon us and many players are trying to juggle practices, games and schoolwork.  Add in-season training to this schedule and a player really has to be disciplined with his/her time.  SST athletes maintain a 2 days per week in-season program throughout their busy schedule.  How do they manage to do this?  Time Management and Discipline!


Stop watching TV, playing video games and reading your favourite Kim Kardashian tweets!  All I am asking for is 2 hours per week during the season…really if you can’t afford to spend 2 hours in making yourself better during the season then you should consider licking stamps for a living


It takes Time Management and Discipline…but I believe if you are reading this you are a unique individual who wants to get better!



Reason #2


It makes no sense to me why athletes train hard for the beginning of the season and then stop training. When is the most important time for an athlete to peak?  Playoffs!  SST athletes are stronger, faster and more powerful for a run at the championship season because of their commitment to getting strong in the weight room.

Think about this- you spend 2 hours per week strength training during the season….your strength continues to rise…Your competitor takes the summer off and his strength, power and speed diminish by the end of the season.  Think of the sizable difference in strength you will have over your competitors.  Can you look yourself in the eye at the end of the season and say I did everything I can to help my team win? 


If you want to be the best then how can justify taking 4 months off and expect to compete at the same level with some of your competitors?


Reason #3


Everyone talks about aerobic conditioning for baseball players, but what about speed development?  Last time I looked Baseball is an anaerobic speed and power sport- not AEROBIC! 

Why is it that players are still running poles and miles?  WASTE of time!  Get over it peeps…work on your short term speed and you will see a huge difference in your game!

I have yet to see an award for the best miler in baseball- but I have seen awards given for stolen bases and home runs- BOTH POWER AND SPEED movements!

…include a 30 minute speed workout during the season and you will see a huge difference!


Larry Jusdanis is the owner of Sports Specific Training Inc. and

In Addition Larry is the Canadian Director of the National Association of Speed and Explosion

Larry has trained thousands of athletes ranging in all sports. If you have any questions or comments send them off and lets yap!

 Please share and spread the word…lets all get better!!




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