Every Bit Counts

Training is a process. It is a process of blending all components of training into a useable whole to allow adaption in pursuit of competition goals. Every bit of training big and small counts. The art is assembling those bits so that they fit together seamlessly.  Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that all components of training must trained during all phases of the training year. That being said it should…

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Concussive Blow vs Sub-Concussive Blow – Which is More Dangerous?

Dr. Robert Cantu, the prominent neurosurgeon out of Boston and undisputed concussion expert, has stated that a lineman in the NFL, on one 80 yard drive, can sustain up to 18 sub-concussive blows. 18! 15,000 in a ten year NFL career!

With that in mind what is more dangerous to the athletes - Concussive Blows or Sub-Concussive Blows?

Michael Felder, who is the national college football lead writer for the Bleacher Report covered a debate titled “To Ban or not Ban College…

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Figuring It Out

I don’t know about you but I don’t have it figured out. I think one of the biggest challenges in coaching and in life is the challenge of figuring it out. It makes coaching fun. I know there was a time 33 years ago when I thought I had it figured out and what followed was one of the worst years coaching I have ever had. If you think you have it figured out, you think you have cracked the code, sit down and get back in…

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