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One day, earlier this summer I was at the store with my 4 year old.  She spotted a box of Otter Pops, and had never had one so kept asking me about them.  I decided to buy some as a hot summer day treat, and little did I know I had opened Pandora’s box!  I don’t know if it was because she had never otter pops before, or if its was because they are a cold treat on a hot day, or just what the deal was, but she became obsessed!  Every time she went outside she thought she needed an otter pop.   The real otter pops are basically just sugar and water.  Not exactly something you want your child indulging in every single day.  I started doing a little looking and found a company that makes otter pop packaging – Zipzicles!

They are a refillable otter pop container and are BPA-free and also recyclable.  Its so great because you can make whatever kind of otter pop you want.  They have tons of yummy and healthy recipes on their website.  We made 2 different kinds and they both turned out great! (scroll down for recipes) 

To make these, all we did was combine our ingredients in a blender.  Then you use a funnel or some kind of narrow pitcher to pour your mixture into each bag and then freeze!  So easy.  

These are some filling guidelines from Zipzicle:

 Each Zipzicle™ ice-pop bag holds 1/3 cup of liquid. Make one, or make a dozen. The choice is yours:

  • 1 c filling = 3 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 2 c filling = 6 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 3 c filling = 9 Zipzicle™ ice-pops
  • 4 c filling = 12 Zipzicle™ ice-pops



Zipzicle is giving away a set of 12 Zipzicles to 3 lucky winners! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with your kid’s favorite frozen treat and like Zipzicle on Facebook.   The giveaway will close on Monday July 15th.  Good luck!!


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