How To Get Abs

Wondering How To Get Abs?

Well, I’m going to help you with that!

Everyone has abs, but most people’s abs are hiding under a layer of fat.  YES you can get them to appear from very restrictive dieting and a ridiculous amount of crunches but NO they won’t be “functional”, and they won’t stay for long.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 2.06.22 PMIf you want to HAVE abs that stay around all year, you have to do things differently. I always have abs and they don’t “disappear” either.  And YES I have had a baby and yes, I am 41 so age and motherhood is not an excuse. They stay because of my lifestyle.

Want to know what I do?

I workout INTENSE.

I don’t mean “read on the elliptical for hours” as that is NOT intense and will NOT change your body. I mean the intense, work HARD, drenched in sweat, heart pounding, give it EVERYTHING you got, can’t get up off the floor at the end of the workout kind of intense. THAT is intensity and THAT is what changes your metabolism and destroys body fat so those abs will come out of hiding!

I don’t diet or have “clean vs cheat days”

I eat a way that fits into my lifestyle. I eat natural, unprocessed food and I do not count calories. I LISTEN to my body, I feed it what it craves and I eat to fuel for performance.

I NEVER do crunches

They are NOT functional and they are horrible for your lower back. Everything I do involves my CORE – from plyos, to weights to just sitting at my desk. My CORE is always activated and the result is that you can see my ABS because of my nutrition.  

 I NEVER do long, slow, drawn out cardio.

I may run or hike for enjoyment, but NOT to lose body fat. It is a waste of time.

Here is the thing, percentage wise, slow cardio taps into more fat than muscle and carbohydrate stores BUT OVER ALL calorie deficit is MUCH LESS than High Intensity training. All you do with long slow cardio is trade calories out for calories in as it makes you HUNGRY! Also, high intensity speeds up your metabolism for the REST of the day, while the slow drawn out stuff does NOT.

The high intensity also helps with muscle development and more muscle means the faster your metabolism is, ALL the time, even at rest. So NO, long and slow is NOT effective for fat loss. If someone does not agree with me that is fine.  Like I always say, “do what works for you!” If that is working GREAT!  If not, time to change it up!

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Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

– Natalie Jill

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