Football Mid-Season Blues


The Dallas Cowboys owned the first half of this NFL season, so perhaps it’s appropriate that they fell flat in such entertaining fashion to close out Week 8. It was a reminder that the next two months won’t resemble the first half at all. Very little has been decided, especially in an AFC with 11 winning teams. Even fewer teams look out of it in the NFC. The Super Bowl Champion Seahawks are far from an invincible team, and they will have to battle uphill just to make the playoffs, much less secure home-field advantage. It gives a wide-open feel to the home stretch
(Greg Rosenthal, Midseason Report: Winners and losers from first half.)

What is happening to teams at this point of the season. The injury reports from each team are showing specific breakdowns to the knees, back, neck, hamstrings, shoulders, groin, concussion, and calves. Of course these are not all of the injuries just some of the major areas. So what’s the cause? Well football is a fast, violent sport that is full of excitement. With that excitement comes collisions. Huge bodies with momentum crashing into each other with some padding to help absorb the impact. Dynamic catches that cause the athletes to bounce off the ground, impacts that are needed to block the opposing team, and the planting and cutting that takes place in directional change on the field definitely take a part in the injuries. These collisions do take a toll on the bodies and sometimes they breakdown. So the question is what can we do to minimize these common injuries?

At Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness, we look at these injuries and design programs to help lower the chances of the injury happening. For example, hamstring to quad strength is very important to control balance across the knee joint, just as back strength is important in relations to abdominal/oblique strength. There is a posterior chain of muscles and anterior chain of muscles that need to have the proper balance so that proper movements and stabilization can occur. We work towards stabilizing joints so they can carry the repeated load. The athletes must do their part in taking care of their bodies when they are not training, practicing, or playing. It is a win-win situation here because we make sure that recovery and lifestyle are in alignment with the athletes goals. For example, we want our athletes to make sure they are consuming the correct products in the form of legal supplements, eat healthy nutrient-dense meals, seek proper rest and recuperation time, and work on their mental game. These are key components to help the athletes be at their best. When we see these injuries, we have a physical therapy team that works along with us to bring about the proper healing effect. The football season is long and comes with its own stress. The athletes must have their mental game correct so that they do not make poor decisions that will jeopardize their success. As recently seen in the NFL, plenty of athletes have gone astray and gone into difficult places in their lives. We share the pros and cons of certain decisions that could lead to a positive outcome or a negative outcome. Make sure you call us at 855-734-4878 to find out how we strategize our programming to get optimal performance.

Greg Rosenthal, Midseason Report: Winners and losers from first half.

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