Halloween Burn


Halloween Burn

Oh my goodness did you know how much money was spent on candy for Halloween?
Halloween spending on candy, costumes, and more is expected to hit record highs this year, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). All told, Americans will spend over $77 per person on Halloween in 2014. Most of us think of Halloween as an occasion all about the kids, but there’s a reason it’s far exceeded Thanksgiving as a holiday celebration: the chance for all to play dress up. The NRF estimates that while Americans will spend $1.1 billion on children’s costumes, they’ll shell out more on adult outfits, about $1.4 billion. What drives this? Could it be that you get to dress up as something or someone special and go trick or treating? Is the fun behind playing dress up? How about the costume party that can be fun, flirty, mysterious, or just down right scary. Just remember to be safe out there!

By the way, isn’t it a great idea to workout this week to burn those pre-Halloween calories off? We have a free boot camp that we are running on Thursday night 10/30/2014 at 7pm . Come in for some calorie burning fun. That boot camp is also the last one for our breast cancer awareness month charity donation. If you come, you can make a donation that will go 100% to breast cancer awareness. Check that out, you get to burn calories pre-Halloween and you get to donate to a worthy cause. If you know you are going to be enjoying that candy and other treats on Halloween and the days after it, doesn’t it make sense to get moving to burn off that extra energy. Those calories are going somewhere. Why not stop them from ending up on your hips, buttocks, love handles, arms, chin, and belly. That is the great thing about your body. Your body has the ability to store calories. It also can burn calories. It has the ability to use that excess energy for your fitness success if you are a physically active person.

We are looking forward to a great boot camp Thursday night 10/30/14 at 7pm. Let’s burn those calories together. Sign up now, it’s free!

How much do Americans spend on Halloween candy? Eight spooky stats.
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