Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. Psychologists have proposed a number of different ways of thinking about motivation, including one method that involves looking at whether motivation arises from extrinsic or intrinsic means ( So, what are they? Intrinsic motivation occurs when we act without any obvious external rewards. We simply enjoy an activity or see it as an opportunity to explore, learn, and actualize our potentials (Coon, D. & Mitterer, J.O., (2010) Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to mind and behavior with concept maps). Intrinsic motivation also refers to the reason why we perform certain activities for internal satisfaction or pleasure (Brown, L. V. (2007) Psychology of motivation).

Extrinsic motivation refers to our tendency to perform activities for known external rewards, whether they be tangible, for example money or psychological, for example praise, in nature (Brown, L. V. (2007) Psychology of motivation). Motivation can come from the outside, such as the motivation to win medals, receive financial rewards, and attract attention from the media. This is known as extrinsic motivation because it involves participation in sport for some kind of reward that is external to the process of participation (Karageorghis & Terry, (1969) Inside Sport Psychology).

As we go through our daily lives, we are motivated in various ways to succeed and to accomplish great things in our lives. Regardless of the motivation type, having a goal or a sense of accomplishment helps us move forward in our daily tasks. Whether it is earning a greater income, getting a promotion, passing an exam, graduating from high school, college, winning a sporting event, being a great mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife and of course this list goes on and on, our motivation plays a tremendous role in this success. So what motivates you? Are you looking for motivation? We, at Git Right Sports Performance & Fitness make sure that we are helping you achieve your rewards whether internal, external or both. We are here to motivate you and change your life for the better through our unique training designs, training facility, and coaching styles. We have designated a subscribe link on our site for you to get a free fitness assessment/sports evaluation depending on what you are seeking to achieve in your life. Having a healthy mind and body is greatly needed in order for you to be your best and reap your rewards!

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