Body Image, How important is your body image? It is very important for the person who wants to look good and feel good in life. How often do you go shopping for new clothes, new shoes, and Victoria’s secrets? The reality is that generally most people want to look good in there clothes for work, for pleasure, for leisure, and for some in there swimwear. So, what is it? Body Image is a mental representation of what we think our bodies look like that has been subjected to various distortions from internal elements such as our attitudes from our parents when we were young and growing up, our moods, and our emotions ( This body image also may lead to various eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.

In addition, we all want to look our best, however; looking our best does not necessarily mean that we have a healthy body. For example, a really thin person may look healthy but when that persons body composition is tested, the person has a larger amount of body fat to lean muscle mass ratio. On the other side, you may see a thick person who has a much higher lean muscle mass to body fat ratio. Then you have the extreme physiques, those that are ripped, shredded, and vascular that look impossible to obtain. These physiques are within reach and obtainable, but a specific program design is needed to develop it. Some of the physiques may be chemically enhanced with performance enhancing drugs, duirects, and other hormones that change the chemical balance inside them. They may appear healthy on the outside but their livers, kidneys, intestines, hearts, and lungs may be under extreme distress from the effects of the chemicals. We are not to say that all physiques that are above the norm or even extreme are chemically enhanced because we know that hard work, persistance, dedication, and desire will allow anyone to build their best body and have a great body image.
Let us not be fooled by the various images, t.v. shows, and magazines that show these perfect bodies that could be chemically enhanced and airbrushed. So, when we look in the mirror, we can see what our genetics have provided us and take our genetics with a well rounded fitness or sports specific training program to build our ideal bodies and have great body images! Add in healthy eating to promote healthy skin, hair, and bones which will cause your self-esteem, self image, and energy levels to increase to peak levels! Remember, looking good, feeling good, and being healthy are positive rewards for a well balance lifestyle

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