Do it big son! Get it girl! Do it big time! Go hard on them! Git Right! These are all ways to verbally encourage people that are pursuing their goals and dreams. We know because we shout them loud and proud at Git Right Sports Performance and Fitness. We find ways to encourage you and motivate you to push beyond your normal levels. This is how you get better, by having a strategy and executing it with precision. On February 22-25, 2014, the NFL combine was under way and the athletes competed for the next level. They pushed to be a professional athlete and finally receive a paycheck to play the game they love. They will have a career that is challenging, yet they choose the daily grind to be the best. Think about the start, for some, it is peewee football, then pop warner football, then club teams, then high school, college/university, and finally the pros. Of course, this just an example that shows the pathway of some players, it is not by any means a course you may have taken or be on right now. What matters is that you are moving in the right directions to get to your goals.

On Thursday, May 8, Friday, May 9, and Saturday, May 10, the NFL Draft will happen and the athletes that gave their best performance at the combine will be chosen to go to work and be a professional athlete. It is a stressful time but necessary to select the best players to fill positions on the teams. So, what are the athletes tested on? Well, they have to participate in a shuttle run, 3-cone drill, broad jump, vertical jump, bench press, and 40-yard dash for their workout. They also have position specific drills that they must complete. Therefore, you would think that these athletes would have no problem performing because these are skills that they have practiced for years. Not true. Over the years, some athletes have shown up to the combine and not been in the best condition possible. At Git Right Sports Performance and Fitness, it is our duty to make sure that athletes show up ready when they are on the center stage to perform at their best.

If you are reading this and not at the combine, consider coming to see us so that we can help you with getting yourself in the best condition possible to perform at the highest level. Is your dream to be an NFL football player? Are you an NFL football player that needs to get into better shape? Are you a free agent looking to sign with a team? Look no further, we are here to assist you with your preparation. Are you shooting for the 2015 combine? We have room for you and want to help you in your journey of success in the NFL. We have researched and designed training routines that will make you run faster for your 40-yard dash, and be crisp in your cuts for your 3-cone drill and shuttle run. We get you explosive for your vertical jump, broad jump, and finish off with an upper body burner/conditioner to prepare you for that bench press endurance. Call us at 855-73-GITRT for your fitness assessment so we can see what you would need to improve to make you that fine tuned machine!

“Gentlemen, we are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect. But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence. I am not remotely interested in just being good.” – quote: Vince Lombardi

“People are so afraid that something might happen. To them, fear is so much more important than their dream. Don’t be afraid that something will happen, be afraid that nothing will happen.” – quote: Herman Zapp

“Don’t give up at half-time. Concentrate on winning the second half.” “There’s no substitute for guts.” – quote: Paul William “Bear” Bryant

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