So, you blasted through that workout today or competed at your peak levels of performance, and now need to refuel your body after that tremendous effort on your part. Nutrition is key before/after your event and today we will focus on how you get the best out of yourself. Your body is constantly burning calories to sustain life and your are constantly needing to fuel yourself for everyday activities for your general health and wellness. As you added more activities to your life, you also have increased the demands on your body. In addition, calories should be consumed preferably throughout the day within approximately 3-4 hours between each meal for best nutrient absorption (Miller, Katie, Five Easy Steps to Healthy Weight Gain). This constant intake of calories will help you maintain your current lean muscle mass, increase your metabolic rate, and energy levels. Another key is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water per day to make sure dehydration is not hindering your performance. Water is great fluid that helps regulate body temperature and assist with metabolism (Miller, Katie, Clean Up Your Diet with These Five Tips). For those of you who need to have a little pick me up, such as coffee or tea, we have a series of products such as Spark Energy Drink, V16, and Slam. All of these products are designed to give you the energy boost without the after effects of what coffee and tea bring. Certain types of coffee and tea actually cause your body to loose fluid which is the opposite effect you are looking for when you need to peak perform. The trade off is the pick me up for the fluid loss. We have a store on our website that has a link to these great products that are sugar free, long lasting energy that sharpen mental focus and contain between 19-21 vitamins and minerals that will add a balanced source of energy.

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