Bye Bye Muffin Top

Flabby arms, pooch in your lower abdomen, and a muffin top have always been a problem. It is amazing how these areas just seem to hold extra weight based on your genetics. By the way, did you know that your fat storage spots were predetermined in your gene pool? So, you are given your genetic make up and then must make sure you maximize it for your benefits. Have you noticed that as children develop they store fat in different places but their lifestyle plays a bigger role in how they look and Read more [...]

Too Much Good Food

Wow, the holidays are just rolling by quickly. Shortly, Christmas will be here and if it is a holiday that you celebrate you will have a joyous time. We know how hard it is to keep your focus on your fitness program with all the requirements of your time. There have been studies that show approximately 10 pounds of weight are gained from November to December 31st and then that is when the New Years Resolutions come out. Why do you have to set a resolution to lose weight? Here is a better idea, Read more [...]

Final Exam Study Tips

Here at GIT RIGHT SPF we know what it is like to have to prepare for final exams so we wanted to share some great tips for you to use to make your preparation the best it can possibly be. Read over each one to see how it will benefit you. If you are already doing some of them, great, more power to you, and we like that great minds think alike. Best wishes to you and your preparation. Ace it! Switch It Up Moving locations can help refresh your studying when your mind starts to wander or lag. Read more [...]

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