Upper Body Power

In sports performance training, medicine balls are one of the most useful tools to build upper body explosive power. This is for good reason, as medicine balls allow you to increase power in basic functional and sport specific movement patterns. While medicine balls are a perfect fit for sports performance programs, our adult fitness clients can also benefit from this power development. Power production is one of the first movement qualities that adults start to lose with age. Think about Read more [...]

Don’t Forget The Lunges

Lunges are an excellent exercise to improve balance between the muscles in the lower body and avoid injury. Research shows that they also help develop sprint speed by providing the ideal ratio of muscle activation between two commonly unbalanced quad muscles. With an array of lunging options (front-foot elevated, forward, reverse, rear-foot elevated, jumping, static, and so on), it’s critical to train the right type to match your goals. A study using junior soccer players compared training adaptations Read more [...]

Football Mid-Season Blues

The Dallas Cowboys owned the first half of this NFL season, so perhaps it's appropriate that they fell flat in such entertaining fashion to close out Week 8. It was a reminder that the next two months won't resemble the first half at all. Very little has been decided, especially in an AFC with 11 winning teams. Even fewer teams look out of it in the NFC. The Super Bowl Champion Seahawks are far from an invincible team, and they will have to battle uphill just to make the playoffs, much less secure Read more [...]

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