Communication – Getting the Message Across

11507629-portrait-of-young-man-shouting-with-megaphone-indoor Effective coaching is about sending and receiving messages. Notice I said sending and receiving. It is a two way process. Effective messages are clear, on point and brief. The message should be conveyed with appropriate emotion and content that elicits the desired action…

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The Evolution of the Football Player

From the article posted on Men's Health News:  

It isn’t the fastest recorded time ever at the NFL Draft Combine, but 4.50 seconds in the 40-yard dash is still blazing. Add that speed to a 6’3”, 248-pound defensive end like Seattle Seahawks first-round pick Bruce Irvin—who was the fastest lineman clocked in 2012—and you create a nightmare for quarterbacks.

Bigger, stronger,…

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Pay The Piper

There are no shortcuts, crash programs or quick fixes that will get you there faster. You will always have to pay the piper whether it is sooner or later. It is better to pay up front by being very thorough in the development process with a balanced program that builds a solid foundation. All components of fitness must be trained at all times of the training year and the career, just the proportion and emphasis changes…

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