Sports Stretching Methods

So stretching and sports are always an interesting issue. Should we stretch directly after exercises? or are we better off waiting a few hours on stretching out later in the day? The truth is something we will probably never really know but it makes sense to separate dynamic stretching to before a workout and save static stretching for after.... Read more [...]

The Co-Worker Drop – The Ultimate Office Workout

If you are like most people, you spend most of your days sitting in a cubicle or office with your only exercise being a trip to the bathroom. This constant sitting literally takes years off your life. Even though the gym may be only a couple miles away, it seems like a hundred miles while stuck in the office. Don’t worry, I have invented the perfect solution, I call this workout the Co-Worker Drop. All you need are some co-workers to play along..... Read more [...]

Strengthen Your Core

A short and simple post about strengthening your core with simple body weight exercises you can do at home, or with minimal equipment in the gym. There is too much talk abut just doing compound exercises and avoiding core work these days - whilst this is somewhat true it leads to neglected direct core work which is not a good idea. You are better off finding a balance between the two. Doing exercises like pullups, squats, pushups, and sprinting. Whilst also using some more direct core work to help improve your posture, balance, co-ordination and everyday movement. Basically helping you in the real world. A weak core is not a good thing.... Read more [...]

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