World’s strongest man doesn’t train full range of motion?

World's strongest man doesn't train full range of motion?

The first time I saw this video (about 4 min in), I noticed that Kazmeier did not use full range of motion, rather he moves very fast through maybe 3/4's of the full range - a kind of "fast partials". Initially I did not really understand it, because I had always heard that you should train with full range of motion.

I have never attempted to contact Kazmeier, but I have an idea why he using |fast partials. With fast…

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Advice to Young Coaches & Old Coaches Also

IMG_0711 Last week I had the opportunity to spend two days with my friend, mentor and professional colleague Dr Joe Vigil at our USATF Coaching Education meeting at the Olympic training center in Chula Vista. Joe is 83 years old and just as passionate & enthusiastic as he was…

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