Start easier to progress faster!

Start easier to progress faster -

I am working her in Antigua with my 13 year old nephew, Jared, who wants to excel at baseball. He has never done strength training before, so we are doing the most basic exercises. Starting very fundamental allow him do "practice perfect" and further, because the exercise are simple - he has the opportunity to "feel strong" throughout, as opposed to be struggling. We have clearly established targets for each exercise and as soon as he meets the…

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That Time of Year

Next week most collegiate and high school fall sports begin practice. Conventional wisdom dictates that these sports start with a “training Camp” usually eight to ten days of two or three times a day practices. Supposedly the purpose is to get ready for the upcoming season. Frankly this is a vestige of times past when there were no off-season programs and the players had to get in shape (Not that you can get in shape in…

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Speed and Strength Coach Wanted

I am the Head Trainer of EM Speed and Power Training. We are always looking for good trainers who are willing to learn and grow. We train all sports and all ages. Trainers would need to work out of the Inland Empire, Orange County, or Los Angeles. Read more [...]

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